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For Women
Most martial arts systems or courses look upon self defense as an additional content of their curriculum, the end result being, self defense also being taught at the fag end of exhaustive, traditional, eclectic or sports oriented work outs.

The summation of this kind of training is that it gives the trainees a great cardiovascular workout, but most of the dojo-gym oriented techniques fail in a real life situation, most traditional martial arts are known to follow a set pattern, which means no matter how young or old, big or strong you are, the techniques remain the same, end result being, most practitioners suffer from bloody noses or battered egos in street fights, and real time situations.

The NBSII self defense program has been developed taking into consideration the short comings of traditional martial-arts, the program is time tested, and obsolete techniques are discarded.

What makes this program unique is its study and use of pressure points (weak links) in the human anatomy, techniques specifically designed, to target, easy to reach pressure points, produce devastating results, if used, relatively little or no strength is required to use these techniques, making them ideal for children, women and the elderly.

The training is situational and not Dojo-Gym based, you are trained and tested
not only in a class-studio, but also at all those places where one is most likely to be attacked, e.g empty parking lots, elevators, staircases, dark alleys etc, the timing of the training is also different. For the successful completion of the program, one needs to complete an obstacle course, which takes the trainee through several situations of attacks at various locations, in the dead of the night.

This type of Adrenaline induced stress response training or AISRT, bolster ones confidence for real life challenges.

The success of this program lies in its curriculum, and strategies which cover all aspects of basic armed and unarmed combat against individuals and mobs, while keeping in mind the time, strength and fitness constraints of individuals.
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