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Heavy Weight NBSII Belts(SKU/Item Number: WRMV011)
Price: $10.00//Rs200
Made from the finest quality, cotton, canvas, silk for the long lasting traditional look, available in white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, purple, red, black and brown with golden stripe colors.

BO (SKU/Item Number: WRMV001)
Price: $12.00//Rs300
The Bo, or stick is probably one of the first weapons that mankind used to defend or hunt.

SAI (SKU/Item Number: WRMV002)
Price: $60.00//Rs1500
L The Sai was simple farm instrument which the peasants turned to their advantage once they were forbidden to carry any arms.

BOKKEN (SKU/Item Number: WRMV008)
Price: $80.00//Rs2000
Are practice swords made of red wood they resemble a bladed sword in all respects

Heavy Weight NBSII Embroidered belts (SKU/Item Number: WRMV012)
Price: $30.00//Rs500
Made from the finest quality, cotton, canvas, silk black belts for the long lasting traditional look, available In various kinds of Japanese Kanji embroidery with a choice of colors like, red blue, golden, green, yellow embroidery.

NBSII Hakama (SKU/Item Number: WRMV016)
Price: $75.00//Rs2000
Made from the finest quality cotton, keeping tradition in mind, at the same time allowing freedom of movement and graceful execution of technique, available in the choice of Black, blue and white colors

Kama (SKU/Item Number: WRMV005)
Price: $45.00//Rs1200
The kama was a tool used to cut weeds and bring in the crop. It was a very simple but nevertheless very sharp and potentially deadly weapon

NBSII Kobudo Weapons Kit. (SKU/Item Number: WRMV009)
Price: $100.00//Rs4800

Includes : 2 red and black carry bags,1 Nunchaku Hard wood, 1 pair tekkos Hard Wood, 1 pair Sai steel finish, I Pair Kama Hard Wood Handle Steel Finish Blade, I Pair Tonfa Hard Wood, I Rattan Finish Bo, I Rattan Finish Jo, 1 Oak Finish Bokken.

All these weapons come in two convenient red/black carry bags that look great with the official NBSII and Kuyukai Logos the bags are easy to carry and convenient to keep, order your kit now.

Nun Chucku (SKU/Item Number: WRMV004)
Price: $5.00//Rs100
The nunchaku is made out of two sticks, usually some hard wood, and connected with a rope (it used to be horsetail hair) or a chain.

Tekkos (SKU/Item Number: WRMV006)
Price: $20.00//Rs700
Tekkos can be very much called our modern day knuckle dusters.

Heavy Weight NBSII Karate Uniform (SKU/Item Number: WRMV010)
Price: $50.00//Rs1500
Made from the finest quality white canvas, for a long lasting quality and strength, also comes in various colors and combinations of Black, White and Black , Red , Blue , e.tc

NBSII Logos (SKU/Item Number: WRMV013/14/15)
Price: $2.00//Rs50
Made from the finest satin with the best quality and high resolution computerized embroidery, a must for all official Uniforms and Dojos.



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