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Before learning an art for 10 years, its better to spend 20 years in finding the right teacher.

INTRODUCTION: When you join the Nippon Budo Sogo International India (NBSII), you are joining one of the fastest growing martial arts organizations in the world, and maintaining your independence.

Membership includes...

Distinctive membership certificate
Quarterly association newsletter
International recognition

If you hold a Black Belt in any style or system, the NBSII will certify you as an official NBSII Instructor. Under the NBSII Instructor and School Charter Program, your students will be eligible to test through you as our official representative with NBSII diplomas signed by, Shihan Hirano Osamu, Shihan Kazo Inoue, Shihan Kanaya Jinju, Shoshi Irie Yasuhiro Dr.J.M.GALLEGO, Shihan Mehul Vora, yourself, and many other senior internationally acclaimed, martial artists. This will give you and your student’s international recognition.

Shihan Mehul Vora Sensei travels throughout the world doing seminars, advanced training and rank testing. Call for information about seminars and testing in your area.

When you hold a School Charter in the NBSII, you have the complete freedom to develop your own curriculum without any interference. Our aim is to work with you, not against you! The NBSII is here to advise you and help you and your students get the recognition you deserve. How and when you test your students is up to you. You decide what to teach and what requirements are needed for your ranking system.

Shihan Mehul Vora, has over 25 years in the Martial Arts and has studied many styles, such as Karate, Judo, kobudo, Jyodo, Iaido ,Kenjutsu ,Kickboxing,Aikijujitsu and Krav Maga, his lifelong preference being the Nihon Goju ryu style .


This is best for those members who are looking for a way to progress in skill and advance in rank on their own. Perhaps you've moved away from where you originally trained, or your instructor is no longer teaching. The NBSII Individual Membership gives you professional contacts already established in the martial arts so that you can continue your training on your own.


Distinctive membership certificate
Quarterly association newsletter
International recognition


This program is ideal for the dedicated martial arts professional who wants the recognition associated with an international organization, without the politics. You and your students receive worldwide recognition, while retaining complete freedom in your approach to training and testing.

Please attach for postal mail:

Complete Bio-Data, martial-arts and personal, Chronology of events in martial-arts career with dates, supporting true copies of certificates and documents, all rank as well as present Rank Certificate, the name of your Dojo/School, details of styles practiced and being practiced in your curriculum, some pictures of you and you students in action.

Please contact Shihan Mehul Vora, for availability. Lodging, Boarding facilities are available for candidates seeking affiliation and training at the Hombu dojo.

For further details contact

A/3,Dena-Jyoti-Society,Shangri-La building,
Veera-desai-road,Andheri West
Mumbai :400 053
Maharashtra India.
Telefax: 91-22-26734579.


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