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For Individuals who want to achieve a significant level of martial arts and combat knowledge along with the respect and honor of attaining a Black belt.

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Women’s Self Defense
Enables girls and women of any age with the confidence to defend themselves under any situation, this program is highly successful all over the world and is currently being taught to tens of thousand of women in India and elsewhere.

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The Most effective fitness program in the country, for individuals who want fitness, self defense and weight loss in one package ,also for Fitness Trainers and Martial Artists who want an impressive CV by adding the recognition and knowledge they require to cater to an ever increasing Health conscious society.

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Children's Self Defense
For children's age groups 2 and ½ years onwards, prepares kids to face any kind of violence in their schools or own back yards, also teaches them, self reliance , builds self esteem, bolsters courage and gives them the strength required to face a volatile world.

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