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Development Committee

Mr. Mehul Vora (President and Chief Instructor)

Nihon Gojuryu Karate-do Kuyukai India

Mugai ryu Iaido Nichiryukai India

Kokodo Jujutsu renmei India

Kushinkai Bujutsu Renmei India

Israeli system of Military self Defense India

National Krav Maga Federation of India

Mumbai Suburban Sport Kickboxing association


Dr. Harjit Singh Anand (Chairman Development Committee)
(General Secretary MPCC International Human Rights Commission)

Mr. Debashish Ghosh (Director Security and Allied Services)
(C.E.O Royal Group of Companies)

Mr. Pravin Dabholkar (Director Human Resources)
(Youth Leader Nationalist Congress Party of India)

Directors And Assistant Instructors:

Mr. Hemanshu. J. V. (Director Corporate Sector)
(Relationship Manager Kotak Mahindra M.B.A.)

Mr. Swapnil Hazare (Director Research and Analysis)
(National Cricket Player)

Mr. Jay Modi (Director and Instructor Network Security Services)
(Special Aide to the President)

Mr. Mehul Dedhia (Director and Instructor Civilian Services)
(Special Aide to the Chairman)



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